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I attended the Birmingham show in the UK a few weeks ago and was shocked to see so few people there. Personally I believe that the show was not advertised or promoted until a few days before the gig took place, leaving little time for people to find out about it. I have read both sides of the augument and still am none the wiser.
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Hello fellow TG fans,While a discussion on PTV may be off topic on this list...and my reply post may just fuel gossip, I feel pressed to offer the (ex) management side of the story...I have it from a reliable source. Thanks. Transcript from Adam Elfin at Archangel Management follows:>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>snip

At 2am on Sunday night the band cancelled the tour, and booked flights home.  The first I knew of it was a text at 1am.  I obviously called them immediately.  They were unhappy that they didn't think they were going to make what they wanted to out of the tour.  Before buying flights initially for the tour, I discussed the situation with them.  Which was that there were still a number of shows to confirm.  If the promoters delivered the shows, the budget would be fine, if not then we would have to hope we broke a few %'s, sold some merch, and cut a few costs to be ok.  At that moment, I asked them what they wanted to do, they told me they wanted to go for it, so I bought the flights.  In the end half the shows that were needed to still get delivered did so, however, that left us with five shows on the whole tour that the promoters did not deliver on as they said they would.  That coupled with things that were out of my control (excess baggage cost from Moscow - which was still blamed on me), their insistence on bringing a merch person from the US (despite increased flight costs), etc, and the TM not exactly helping the situation, meant the finances on the tour were not as good as they could have been.However, I asked them for a few days to work through things (as some of this were things they hadn't let me know previously e.g. excess baggage from Moscow), but said I would send them a mail this morning going through everything.  They then gave me an ultimatum at 2am on Sunday night, of send them all the money for their pay and the TM's (based on all the shows having been delivered, no excess baggage costs etc) for the whole tour immediately or they would cancel the tour.  I find their actions depressing to say the least, and somewhat unprofessional, unreasonable and irresponsible.  I also feel that everybody was let down by the promoters of those five shows, that said they wanted shows, and they would deliver them, then didn't, and simply apologised, and thought that was ok.  As to what they have written, there are quite a few lies and (deliberate) errors, as well as other facts conveniently left out to create a story.  That's all it is, a story.  What you have read is not what actually happened.  The vast majority of shows had enough time to be promoted properly.  I guess part of the problem is that in reality the band do not really have enough fans even with a new album.  Generally the attendance of the shows was low, not because of promo time, but lack of fans.Anyway, take care.
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