[Grief] Tate Reports

Angus Spottiswoode swindonbakery at hotmail.com
Tue May 29 01:32:26 PDT 2007

Thanks for all the Tate reports and links to video clips!

Having watched all of the clips on YouTube (I think), I can see what people 
are saying: it seems very soundtracky, a bit subdued even.
The fast cuts at the start of the Jarman films were a bit distracting for 
me. I wanted the film to stay on images longer, so the music could blend 
with them more. I started to get into it more when the slow-mo film of the 
woman dancing around the shirtless man appeared - TG's music seemed to go up 
a notch there, get a bit more intense. (It was also nice to see the little 
bit of applause at the end with Sleazy and Cosey embracing!).
I liked the choir - I think they added a really interesting element to TG's 
sound. They worked well with the Avebury stones footage - very eerie. 
Haven't listened to Atom Heart Mother in so long, so couldn't comment on 
that comparison,but I did spot some Floydian cows at one point!
But on the whole I would say from this, I would rather see a "regular" TG 
performance, than a soundtrack one. This wasn't their finest moment 
musically, but that's OK...

Keep those reports coming for the ICA week!
It's much appreciated here on the California desertshore.


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