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Stephen Robinson heiferboy at robinsonworld.freeserve.co.uk
Sun May 27 22:53:34 PDT 2007

I went!

To be honest... 
Well, I was reminded of Police Squad joke

After a grieving wife asked him if he knew "what it's like to be married to
a wonderful man for fourteen years", Frank comments, "No, I can't say that
I do. I did live with a guy once, though that was just for a couple of
years. Usual slurs, rumors, innuendos; people didn't understand. Ran him
out of town like a common pygmy. Sure, he was a physical education major,
but he had a mind, he could think. He wasn't all muscle, all body, all
sinewy limbs. He got married ya know later, had three kids. I never cared
for her. Sent a nice gift, never got a note. I told him she was wrong. And
that younger boy, just like his father: Football hero. Lived with him for a
year, it wasn't the same. Can't go back."

Dunno, but there seemed something, well safe as milk about the wholething,
in the past it was "Why did you stop writting songs about Serial Killers?"
"because everyone else started doing it", now it's "Why are you still doing
bass heavy throbbophones with a set bit for the cornet/violin/bass to come
in?" "because we're TG, and that's the sound we make."

I though the soundtrack stuff worked well, as, well soundtrack! But can't
say I was taken to gardens of delight by the Films,themselves. The first
one was alright, I liked the editing, but didn't seem to have anything to
say, not in itself a bad thing of course, but when you get to the ones in
the middle, it was a little like Pink Floyd's Echoes, that bit from Live in
Pompey film, 'the goose being slowly strangled on the Moor' bit it the
middle with the Mud ponds and all that.

Which reminds me, the choir bit, anyone else get a less structured Atom
Heart Mother? Maybe this explains the "Eyes/Relise", Straight from the
Roger Waters book of lyrics! Arf!

All that said I've still just bought the 12CDR thingy, must be mad! 
> So did anyone else go?
> I thought it was a pretty good performance. Certainly
> better than the "In The Shadow Of The Sun" soundtrack
> performance that they did in Berlin. Most of the films
> and music worked well together though I thought the
> choir seemed a little pointless as they didn't really
> add much to the pieces in my opinion. 
> Looked like Gen couldn't get his violin to work but no
> seemed to rush to help him.
> Looking forward to whichever session it is I'm
> supposed to be at next weekend. Still not got tickets
> so I assume bringing some sort of payment confirmation
> email is still the way to get in....
> Dave B
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