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Fri May 25 10:55:06 PDT 2007

Angus wrote:
> Apart from the very TG-like fetishistic quality of them, does anybody have > any theories as to what the Totemic Gifts represent? Are they supposed to > have any spiritual or occult significance? It's intruiging to me that the > Gifts, and the mountain on the cover of the album are all very nature-based, > and not very urban, or "industrial"! My own feeling is that they represent > somewhat of a gravitation on TG's part towards themes of nature and the > earth. Does anybody else have any theories?
It wouldn't surprise me if there was some weird pagan magic ritual involved in the
making of these totemic gifts. 
On the other hand, it might be a great joke as well. Put some useless pieces of material
in the jewel case and see what morons will want to buy the same album 4 times. 
I might just be a little negative here, though.
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