[Grief] Re: Grief Digest, Vol 55, Issue 5

cblanger cblanger at club-internet.fr
Sun Jun 17 12:57:15 PDT 2007

from CC website :

June 2007:
Krems was great, the Tate was amazing and the I.C.A. installation was
brilliant, productive and exhausting. But now we are all back in our
respective homes: Sleazy has returned to Bangkok, Gen to NY, we two to
Norfolk and the intensity and madness of TG has subsided... almost.

The I.C.A. 12 CD wallet is pretty much done, just a few tweaks left then it
goes into production early next week. Sleazy will be returning to us in
Norfolk in a couple of weeks so (amongst other things) we can complete the
final stages of TGV... hopefully for an Xmas release!
Cosey and myself have a batch of Carter Tutti projects to finish (new tracks
& mixes for compilations mainly) and Cosey has some work to complete for
some upcoming exhibitions. Then we are taking a well earned break. More
news, titbits and updates in the coming weeks.

New photos from Tate & I.C.A are now available on my Flikr pages.


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