[Grief] ICA reports

Angus Spottiswoode swindonbakery at hotmail.com
Thu Jun 7 02:26:35 PDT 2007

Many thanks to all for the reports. Absolutely fascinating. And invaluable - 
and a little envy inducing! - reportage for us on the other side of the 

I am even more curious now to hear what will be the result of this 
recording. Let's hope we DON'T have to wait years!

I was listening to Nico's album yesterday, as I don't know it that well. A 
couple of tracks towards the end definately sounded like Germanic cousins of 
TG's sound.

On another note I, too, am curious about the source of the line:
"well, my first intentions were to rape her"

I tried Googling it but didn't get any hits for the exact phrase. Clues...?

Cheers, from the West Coast Desertshore. A

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