[Grief] Go to those Desert S recording sessions then? (danny)

danny danny at ukbears.freeserve.co.uk
Thu Jun 7 02:29:27 PDT 2007

The below filmer info - the first one with the red hairwas a girl but the
other  one  was actually not a girl but very obviously a guy with
muscles/beard etc!
single camera
from stage mostly by a girl with short red henna (?) hair - except on one
night by a black girl with blonde dreads who was also helping theband out
and who had on a rather fetching green kilt on the last night. 

A couple of other intersting ? Snippets, sleazy refers to gen as her when
describing his vox. Gen repeatedly couldn't ehar what the rest of the band
were saying outside  his booth. He sang a couple of lines of perfect day at
the last show when sleazy described the horrible bbc thing for perferct  day
a few years ago 

There was also a cmara trained directly on gens booth throughtout. 

Anyone know what happenedto the tate films off utube that have all
disappeared -? 

Was hoping (if anyone) marc almond for a guest vocal as he was a nico
fanatic at least before working with her but gathered these would be added
after. There was a n audio torrent of one of the shows on dimeadozen but has
been banned not sure if will turn up elsewhere. 

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