[Grief] Go to those Desert S recording sessions then?

danny danny at ukbears.freeserve.co.uk
Wed Jun 6 04:45:30 PDT 2007

Yeah I went, they were good, a bit weird as people after the 1st one were
clappiing I guess at the shows maybe the evening ones more so. Each show had
2 or 3 tracks form desertshore, the "band"had already seemed to have worked
up tracks to go over nico's versions which were played for gen to get guide
vox as apparanlty he hasn't heard them since 70's or so.
Each day also had I think 1 longish impovised jam not necessarily based on
anything on the last show I think it had the bassline to slug bait. Longest
was 1st show clocked in at 2.5 hours. At 2 of the shows they took quesitons
from the audience ie why this album what equipment they use etc = 

Nico's vox were played quiet a bit for referene so not sure how this will be
released. The band were already on stage talking as you went into the venue
each day. Apparntly guest vocalists may appear on the album. 

Each night was project on vidsecreen behind the band,  filmed single camera
from stage mostly by a girl with short red henna (?) hair - except on one
night by a black girl with blonde dreads who was also helping theband out
and who had on a rather fetching green kilt on the last night. 

Cosey was playing her trumpet and guitar using an ebow one of the modern
ones with the blue light (I think those are the modern ones that play
The "band" had a bench for equipment and gen had a little vocal booth on

They played back some of themixdowns at thelast session which sounded good
sounded a bit heavier actually than some of the live recording. Would have
been nice to see some of the band workups  to the tracks though also maybe
but I guess time makes impossible. They had a flipchart on stage to score
what  had been recorded mostly tendced by cosey.

At some of the shows they did signings, not at all ie Sunday afternoon as no
Were talking bout doing german / french shongs in english which may have
been better, sleazys readings did have a certain cuteness to them that it
may have lent intself to . 

There was no mention of janitor of lunacy being about brian jones I assume
they must know that though didn't wants to be the xth person to bore  them !

There is apparanlty a coum part an an exhibiton starting at barbican today
or a room dedicated to coum, press opening today don't know if the band were
there , I think it is linked in to someone at the  ica be interested to hear
about it &what's included in it if anyone goes , I will be  going up there
at end of month anyway 

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