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magmahawk at planet.nl magmahawk at planet.nl
Wed Jun 6 01:33:06 PDT 2007

At 21:23 5-6-2007, you wrote:
>Yeah I went to the third one Saturday morning. Very
>"enjoyable," mostly Gen working on vox for a couple of
>tracks plus they did a little jam session after the
>tea break... Sleazy gave a sort of running commentary
>through the session so we knew what was going on plus
>they all had mics on except for Gen.
>Good to watch them working and see a little glimpse of
>how they interact (they all get on better with Gen
>than I imagined they did). Wish I'd gone to more
>sessions now. Still, looking forward to the CDRs..
>I put a few pics up on Flickr
>There's a video torrent of the Tate show up on
>mininova at the moment. Do a search for TG and tate
>and it'll pick it up. Haven't quite finished
>downloading it yet so can't comment on it's quality.
>Dave B

well i was at session 5, on a sunny sunday afternoon.
i was surprised by the relaxed atmosphere within the band and within the 
sleazy was again the master of ceremonies and he explained to the audience 
and they did perform for about the whole 2 hours.
mainly vocals for gen (who was very kind and relaxed) but also quite a lot 
of jamming.
cosey on guitar and cornet and gen on bass.
they did record 3 songs and 1 jam called "mental" .....anyway they wrote 
down what they recorded  (by cosey and gen) on a big piece of paper so everyone
could see what they actually had done.
near the end the audience were allowed to ask questions to the band.
when that was over everyone could pick up a free (?) poster and if you 
wanted the band would autograph it.
i decided to keep the poster not autographed but instead i brought the over 
of the endless not cd.
also had a discussion with sleazy about his new solo album and i talked 
with chris.
alll and all a pleasant experience to see how they work and behaved 
themselves for 2 hours :)
i didn't regret it that i took a last minute flight and ticket.


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