[Grief] TGV video box set also comes w/ book!

David Bourgoin david_bourgoin at yahoo.co.uk
Thu Jul 26 13:53:27 PDT 2007

Hopefully it'll also have Frankfurt, Goldsmiths,
Sheffield and Northampton so I can replace those
crappy quality bootlegs I brought off Ebay.

Dave B

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For those people who are not yet aware of what will be
on the TGV, here is a list from Cosey's website

'OUNDLE SCHOOL' (Umatic, 59 min) Video of live TG
performance at Oundle Public School, UK.
Now forms part of TGV boxed-set.

'HEATHEN EARTH' (Umatic, 60 min). Video of live studio
TG recording session.
Now forms part of TGV boxed-set

'RAFTERS' (VHS, 60 min) Video of live TG performance
at Rafters Club, Manchester, UK.
Now forms part of TGV boxed-set.

'PSYCHIC RALLY IN HEAVEN' (Super-8mm, colour, 20 min).
Film by Derek Jarman, features TG gig.
Now forms part of TGV boxed-set.

'MISSION OF DEAD SOULS' (3/4" Umatic, 54 min) Video of
live TG performance in San Fransisco, USA.
Originally released by Target, USA. Now forms part of
TGV boxed-set.

I should imagine the Astoria show will be included
too, as will the 1981 Lyceum concert


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FYI~  Sleaz emailed me back last night & happened to
mention that he is in the final stages of writing the
book that goes along with TGV.

That's cool!  I didn't know that...So along w/ the the
DVD's in TGV, we get a book as well!  : )  I asked him
when he thinks it'll be finally released, but I'm
still waiting for his reply.

Also, does anyone know WHERE I can get a copy of the
TG issue of WIRE???  I am having trouble finding it in
the states & sleaZy is about to start Part 2 of an
extensive interview w/ me...focusing on TG, THBC, etc.
 (Part 1 was released last August, focusing on COIL &
can be found at Brainwashed.com).  

Obviously I do NOT want to ask the same ?'s that WIRE
asked!  LOL!  So, if anyone can help me locate a copy,
I would be most appreciative.   Thanks!


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