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andy at flesheatingants.com andy at flesheatingants.com
Thu Jul 5 11:10:39 PDT 2007

Hey guys,

I got my Desertshores set yesterday and went and ripped all the CDs  
and stuck them on 2 DVDRs, have listened to the first one CD at work.

Packaging is not bad - contains photo inserts of each day's setlists  
and part of the poster, as well as recreations of the fliers that  
would have been at the event.  There's also a folded up Desertshore  
poster in the back of the wallet.

Audio wise the quality seems to be from a mic set up on the stage -  
possibly cutting to soundboard at certain points (but I'm not entirely  
sure yet) it is clear - but obviously raw audio.  The first hour I  
listened to is mostly them trying to get their gear to work and  
getting Gen singing like Nico.  It's quite an interesting listen, and  
Sleazy's intro at the beginning was nice to hear - but this set really  
is for the die-hards, be sure to pick up TG24 and TG+ before thinking  
about going for this set.  Chris Carter does indeed sound like an Easy  
End London gangster, I actually thought it was a roadie at first.   
Anyone seen Knowing Me Knowing You with Alan Partridge? ;-)

I finally get into a flat with an internet connection next month so  
I'll get clips of the sessions on the TG site, as well as pictures of  
the set and other assorted info and updates.  In the meantime here's  
the tracklists:

Throbbing Gristle ? Desertshore Sessions

Friday Session 1:

My Only Child - Gen Vox

My Only Child ? TG Jam

Janitor Of Lunacy ? Gen Vox

Janitor Of Lunacy ? TG Jam

Friday Session 2:

Afraid ? Gen Vox

TG Jam To Rhythm Track

The Falconer ? TG Vox

Saturday Session 3:

Mutterlein ? Gen Vox

TG Jam Session To Mae Blu Glay

Le Petit Chevalier ? Gen Vox

Saturday Session 4:

Abscheid ? Deck

Jam ? Springbankistan

Abscheid ? Gen Vox

Janitor Of Lunacy ? Vox

Mental Jam

The Falconer ? Gentle Vox

Sunday Session 5

All That Is My Own ? Jam + Vox

The Falconer ? Jam + Vox

Janitor Of Lunacy ? Jam + Vox

My Only Child ? Jam + Vox

Mental Jam ? Inst-

Sunday Session 6

Le Petit Chevalier ? Jam + Vox

Mutterlein ? Jam (Mental End) + Vox

Afraid ? Jam + Vox

Abscheid ? Jam + Vox

Nico Album Tracklist:

    1. "Janitor of Lunacy" - 4:01
    2. "The Falconer" - 5:39
    3. "My Only Child" - 3:27
    4. "Le Petit Chevalier" - 1:12
    5. "Abschied" - 3:02
    6. "Afraid" - 3:27
    7. "Mütterlein" - 4:38
    8. "All That Is My Own" - 3:54

  I asked a German translator at my work what the German tracks were  
called on the album.  Le Petit Chevalier is French for The Little  
Knight, if I'm not mistaken.

Mutterlein = old fashioned informal version of mother

Abschied = farewell

Abscheid = A parting (note - on one of the setlists Abschied is  
mispelt Abscheid which is a different word in German).

Take it easy,

Quoting Mark <markstevens at waitrose.com>:

> Hey hey,
> My Desertshore discs have just arrived.  Sorry this isn't going to be a long
> one, I'm off to c.d. player to pop the first disc in!
> They look great and if they sound as good as the recording session at the
> I.C.A. they should sound great too..................
> Cheers
> Mark

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