[Grief] Re: Recent TG screenings

miike kitano61 at yahoo.com
Sat Jan 13 15:42:24 PST 2007

i'm groovy, mate.  nothing intrinsically wrNog wi a brummie accent, it's just "my" present fetish is for scouse ones!  LoL


Stephen Robinson <heiferboy at robinsonworld.freeserve.co.uk> wrote: Arr kawa, how am ya mate? what's wroing with a brum acckent? Um shower
that'll be bostin'.

> and doesn't he look like jasper carrot these days?
> in "england's hidden reverse", tibet states that he wore a noddy hat
> for a time.  what's next - a brummie accent?
> kawa
> Stephen Robinson  wrote: They
> were proably only doing it because it wasn't a mixture of semen and wolf
> blood or something, and they were very disapointed!
>> Funny, I remember being in the queue but can't recall anyone filming
>> it, one thing that really made me laugh was seeing David Tibet having
>> his bag searched at the doors by the bouncers and them confiscating
>> his bottle of water, he looked like a naughty little schoolboy!
I wrote this on my Amiga One runing OS4, now with screen dragging

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