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Fri Dec 28 10:36:17 PST 2007

Ok, I've had a look at Astoria and some of the older shows and I'll  
start by saying Astoria looks and sounds fantastic.  The 5.1 mix is  
superb, but it's not surprising since Mute are considered to be at the  
cutting edge of producing 5.1 music releases.  The show is well shot,  
from lots of different interesting angles, and I can't wait to check  
out the other recent shows.  The older shows really are a different  
story though...

I've had a look through at the vintage shows and I'm actually quite  
shocked how bad they look.  Now, I am well aware about the bad  
lighting, and single VHS camera etc. etc. - this isn't the issue, the  
main issue is they did not track down remotely decent copies of the  
tapes.  Considering how much effort went into TG24, with the searching  
out of the best versions available, these releases just baffle me.   
I've stuck some screen shots up from Heathen Earth and Oundle School  


Now, even if the masters are unusable due to age, there have to be  
good 1st and 2nd gen dubs still kicking about, even a copy of the  
actual VHS releases has to be devoid of screens like this:

There's nasty white lines throughout the films, and at points it does  
get that bad.

I'm sure on the old video it would have been possible to make out the  
porn on the TV?

I had a look at the San Fran show as well, primarily at the end of the  
concert - of which Discipline has been taken from this show and put on  
compilation tapes and appears on a Cramps DVD as an extra.  I'm sure  
these versions I've seen previously are a lot cleaner that this copy  
of the show.

The shows sound fine, because the sound is ripped form the CD  
releases, but really the picture is on par with the shit quality  
bootlegs that were being sold on ebay - that made us all think "Wow,  
this looks shit - I can't wait for an official release."

I'd really like to hear from someone who worked on TGV, why the tapes  
used were of such bad quality.


Quoting hex <hex at blueyonder.co.uk>:

>> TG have never really been about quality control. Ever since the reunion
>> they have only been trying to capitalize on the name. Just look at what
>> they charge for shows or for any of their merchandise on their website
> ?
> Almost ALL stuf they've released recently has been very reasonably priced I
> would say!!! With the exception of pretty clearly marked "collectors" items
> (totem sets, Desertshore etc) - if we're talking about TGV here - that's
> pretty reasonable too! -  a tenner a disc, nice booklet etc etc - AND VERY
> CLEARLY stated that these should not be compared to conventional commercial
> products/DVDs
> TG and Quality Control? I think you're confused!!! I'm pretty sure TG are
> still involved in all aspects of their releases all of which are high
> quality - however the CONTENT may not be ;-) - it's never been about shiny,
> commercial product - so of course it's not going to sound/look like that! As
> far as I look at it TG24, Desertshore,TGV etc etc are audio/video documents
> probably of little or no intrest to even the average TG fan but I've never
> come across any other band brave enough (or stupid enough?) to release 24hrs
> of stuf in one go nevermind it's all live from poor/ageing masters etc!! If
> they were trying to capitalise on the name there are far less risky releases
> they could have done which I'm sure would yield far more dosh as would a nice
> World Tour.
> Basically the point is these are pretty non-commercial products with very
> small runs (aka "Limited Editions" !!!!) so cost more to produce per unit so
> obviously retail for more too - and in TG's case I don't see it as an
> outrageous mark up. The live shows seem pretty reasonably priced too -so much
> so I have absolutely no idea how much they were (Desertshore was a bit more -
> but was hardly your conventional show either) and Astoria was FREE for
> fucksake!!!
> ....I believe the Spice Girls have a new album out and are doing a reunion
> tour - maybe their prices/products/tickets are the sort of better value you
> seek ;-)
> DIL23
> :)
> .....and of course Happy Hexmas and a Great New yEra to ALL!
> On Monday 24 December 2007 22:57:09 Vincent Berkey wrote:
>> TG have never really been about quality control. Ever since the reunion
>> they have only been trying to capitalize on the name. Just look at what
>> they charge for shows or for any of their merchandise on their website.
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