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I didn't expect the quality to be exceptional as I have all the old TG videos but for it to be released on DVD and for it to be inferior to the VHS releases is disappointing to say the least. From a purely technical standpoint I would be interested to find out how the transfers were made; eg were the original masters used? , what bitrate was used in the rendering? 
In my opinion they have used the commercially available VHS versions and just copied them onto a PC, transferring them from PAL to NTSC in the process. You can see VHS tracking problems at the bottom of the screen during the Kezar Pavillion show! 
The DVD of the Lyceum gig is virtually unwatchable due to the extreme colour saturation, the original Jettisounds VHS has none of these problems. I am considering contacting Chris Carter to discuss the issues I have mentioned. I have included a few links with screencaps for you to see for yourselves

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They did clearly state on the TG website not to expect any exceptional quality - the dvds are for archival purposes only - really can't say they weren't honest about this. And, again, any TG afficcionado will kill to get this. I don't regret dishing out the sterling for the set and look forward for more of the same. 
cheers, s. 
2007/12/25, Jasper Dionisio <strangers at gmail.com>: 
What was the point of this? Just to be a dick? It obviously goes without saying that if you think something costs too much, don't pay for it. That doesn't in any way mean you shouldn't be bothered by it costing too much. 

On Dec 25, 2007 4:49 AM, David Bourgoin <david_bourgoin at yahoo.co.uk> wrote: 
If you think they charge too much then don't buy themerchandise or go to the shows..... Dave B

--- Vincent Berkey < vincentpghpa at verizon.net> wrote:> TG have never really been about quality control. > Ever since the reunion they have only been trying to> capitalize on the name. Just look at what they> charge for shows or for any of their merchandise on > their website. > 
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