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andy at flesheatingants.com andy at flesheatingants.com
Wed Dec 26 10:31:04 PST 2007

Hmm...  Would you say the CD length is about 24/25 of the video  
length?  The problem is likely down do with the difference between PAL  
and NTSC, you often here about PAL speed up - with film lengths in  
Europe being faster than in the US, due to there only being 24 FPS  
with PAL and 25 with NTSC.

Seems dvdcompare.net is down for refurbishment, but an example of this here:

Das Boots:
US: "The mini-series is split over 2 discs (108:15 min - NTSC / 185:18  
min - NTSC"
UK:"2-disc set, split over a 103:57 min single-layer first disc, and a  
177:54 min dual-layer disc"

I'm assuming if there's PAL speed up there is also NTSC slowdown for  
films made in PAL - I assume Das Boot will have been, and any of Derek  
Jarman's films will have been also.

This is what is a bit worrying about TG releasing TGV in NTSC - it was  
filmed in PAL so the discs will almost certainly suffer from "NTSC  
slowdown" and thus comparing the lengths to the lengths of the audio  
discs will show the music is slowed down on the DVD.  Anyone want to  
test this theory?  It's also rather odd since I'm sure Sleazy  
mentioned on the Thresholdhouse site awhile back that he hated working  
in NTSC and wasn't going to do the Coil boxset in NTSC...

-Merry belated X-mas to you all,

Quoting Jon Whitney <turbid at turbid.com>:

> So I've made an attempt on a DVD of this and overdubbing the CD but
> the length of the film and the length of the CD music are a bit off.
> Has anybody else had a crack at it?
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