[Grief] TGV is in the wild...

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Sat Dec 15 19:44:40 PST 2007

Yes, no doubt, incredible indeed - really didn't mind dish out almost a
hundred sterling for it, yet, still, would really kill to see something by
Coum - as I read around here, there seems to be a taped version of "Cease to
Exist" - wonder if next year they will repeat the feat and add some of the
legendary CT performances.

cheers, s., rio.

2007/12/15, cblanger <cblanger at club-internet.fr>:
>  from CC website :
> *Dec 13 2007*:
> TGV is in the wild...
> Well we've done it... an actual, finished production copy of TGV is
> sitting here in front of me on my desk... and it's bloody brilliant!
> Hat's off to Paul Taylor (in particular) and all those at Mute and
> Technicolor who really (and I mean REALLY) pushed the boat out over the last
> month or so to make this beautiful package a reality.
> But as Paul said earlier today: "*I'm not sure I can watch it again for a
> little while though*".
> I know exactly what you mean mate, I guess you know when you've overdone
> it (especially on something as intense as TGV) when even your dreams (mine)
> start including TG gigs, TG people, TG graphics, TG sounds (you name it!)
> that you've been working on for so long.
> Time for a festive TG break I think. ;-)
> BTW: Pre-ordered copies are being mailed as I write this.
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