[Grief] TGV is in the wild...

cblanger cblanger at club-internet.fr
Sat Dec 15 19:29:06 PST 2007

from CC website : 

Dec 13 2007: 
TGV is in the wild...

Well we've done it... an actual, finished production copy of TGV is sitting here in front of me on my desk... and it's bloody brilliant!

Hat's off to Paul Taylor (in particular) and all those at Mute and Technicolor who really (and I mean REALLY) pushed the boat out over the last month or so to make this beautiful package a reality.
But as Paul said earlier today: "I'm not sure I can watch it again for a little while though".
I know exactly what you mean mate, I guess you know when you've overdone it (especially on something as intense as TGV) when even your dreams (mine) start including TG gigs, TG people, TG graphics, TG sounds (you name it!) that you've been working on for so long.

Time for a festive TG break I think. ;-)

BTW: Pre-ordered copies are being mailed as I write this.
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