[Grief] RE: Re: The Endless Knot, what do we think of it?

s. borges sergio433 at gmail.com
Fri Aug 24 10:14:55 PDT 2007

I second the below - was quite impressed with the release - amazing that
after all these years these guys are still on top of the ball. s., rio.

2007/8/23, Angus Spottiswoode <swindonbakery at hotmail.com>:
> A bit late, but I wanted to chime in with my thoughts on Endless (K)Not.
> I really think it is quite amazing. Heretical I may be, but for me it is
> the
> best TG (studio) album yet. For some reason all throughout the year-long
> delay I just had this feeling, perhaps just a hope, that it would be worth
> the wait, and that somehow it would sound quite DIFFERENT to the "old" TG.
> But it would still be unmistakeably the work of those four people; that it
> would be evident that no other people could make those combinations of
> sounds.
> And, at least to my ears, that's how it comes over.
> No doubt it is not as "raw" sounding as the old TG, even though tracks
> like
> 'Vow' are still absolute aural assaults. There is a digital cleanness to
> the
> sound that is unexpected from the band, yet I think that works in its
> favour. To me, the attention to detail that it appears has gone into the
> editing and mixing has really paid off: there is this richness, there are
> many different layers of sound, which repay multiple listens. It is truly
> a
> storm of twisted technological twitches, moans and juggernaut-thick slabs
> of
> noise. Haunting, creepy, yes. Beautiful in places too. A mood is conjured
> as
> promised, an entire world to fall into.
> As someone once wrote about some Zappa album: it will withstand very
> abusive
> repeat listenings!
> In fact I don't think there's an album I've played more this year (so
> far).
> I've even managed to interest a couple of friends who always thought TG
> were
> "too weird", by playing them tracks like 'Separated'. They appreciate the
> ambiences of tracks like that. So it's been useful there too!
> Gen's vocals and lyrics are particularly fascinating on this album, partly
> because they are so sparse - you want more - but also they are quite
> enigmatic. Less concerned with old TG touchstones, these seem more
> mystical
> and personal in nature.
> In fact to me the whole album has a mystical, natural-world air to it.
> And then you still get some of the most malevolent, relentless, brutal
> music
> of TG's career with tracks like 'Lyre Liar'.
> My fave tracks? Changes a lot but 'Vow', 'Lyre Liar' and 'Above The
> Below'... I think!
> I know in terms of new material we have the Nico project (which sounds
> intruiging) but I hope that TG don't call it a day after that. Endless Not
> feels like a re-birth: it would be a shame not to continue it.
> Well anyway, those are my thoughts. Cheers.
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