[Grief] New books and panties!

David Law hex at blueyonder.co.uk
Sat Aug 11 02:56:41 PDT 2007

...well a new book anyways ;-)

Industrial Music for Industrial People

by Eric Duboys

....the drawback (for me anyways) is it's in French!

I met Eric in Berlin at the TG Volkesbuhne events - we had a long 
conversation - mostly as I don't speak French and he doesn't speak English!!!

But the gist of what he was saying was:

he worked on it a long time
(all?) members of TG contributed/collaborated
it's a bit more to do with Post TG (the first time anyways!) stuf C&C,Coil,PTV 
& others?
it's got lots of pages (557pp)
and most of them have piccies on - for monolingual types like me
...at least I think that's what was said - it was New yEra too!

it cost 30 euros and you can order it from the publishers website 
http://www.camionblanc.com - if you live in France! I'm checking to see if 
they accept orders for the UK - if not I'll have to hassle Eric for the 
signed copy he's probably forgotten he promised me!

Below is the somewhat amusing BabelFish translation of the press 
release/publisher blurb.


Throbbing Gristle was the singular group, undoubtedly most subversive and 
innovative ever appeared in the universe of the experimental music 
rock'n'roll. Born on ashes from the collective of performeurs extreme COUM 
Transmissions, TG had this characteristic to have invented and have 
conceptualized with him only an entire kind: the industrial, prompt music to 
start the polemic by its plays with the social interdicts, the slope sinks of 
psyché human and the musical?uvres until with-boutistes, close to the pure 
noise. This work attempts to report the course of this seminal formation of 
this kind too ignored, course which did not stop in 1981 with the dissolution 
of the group since the four members of TG, Genesis P-Orridge, Peter "Sleazy" 
Christopherson, Cosey Fanni Tutti and Chris Carter, did not cease since 
discovering new musical territories, within these formations impossible to 
circumvent of the landscape electronic and experimental which are Psychic TV 
(the second group of P-Orridge), Coil (that Christopherson will form in 1983 
with John Balance), Chris & Cosey and finally, since 2004, a TG ressuscity.

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