[Grief] Re: JP TG Part 2 - live "What A Day", WHERE TO ORDER

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Sat Apr 28 14:00:12 PDT 2007

On Apr 28, 2007, at 3:56 AM, grief-request at hollyfeld.org wrote:

> You mentioned you ordered yours from EIL...What is EIL?   Could you  
> please
> give me the link?


> There is a recent (eg 2004 or 2005) live track of "what a day"  
> after the
> final track "after the fall".
> There is no indication on the sleeve or obi.


> P.S Haven't heard the Japanese version - but we got a mini CD in  
> place of
> the 'missing' Part II in Berlin which was What a Dull Day - taken  
> live from
> the Sunday(?) night Torino performance - maybe it's the same one?

I do not recommend EIL unless you want to pay three-times the  
necessary cost

I recommend CDJapan, which shipped it to me for less than the cost of  
a UK copy


there is no indication of a bonus track on the sleeve, however it is  
listed on the OBI (in japanese)

perhaps the "what a day" is torino rather than camber sands - can  
anyone else confirm??


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