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david brookes harmaline23 at hotmail.com
Sat Sep 9 15:21:08 PDT 2006

>From the comment "recent TG performances" I imagine it is the Astoria gig.
What they should really do is remaster all the old 70's videos like Oundle 
school, Northampton, Sheffield, Rafters, Goldsmiths, Heaven along with 
'After Cease To Exist' and put that on the DVD Box.
They must have a ton of unreleased footage in the archives, I have seen bits 
of the 1976 Southampton concert which forms parts of 'After Cease To Exist' 
movie. If that came out I would be a very happy man.

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>Hurrah! and not before time to be honest. Wonder if any of Coum video stuff
>will ever make a release, not saying it'd be good or anything...
> >>From chris carter website :
> >
> > "Busy, busy, busy...
> > I'm mixing and mastering the recent TG live performances in stereo and
> > Dolby 5.1 for the new TG DVD boxed set. Sounds amazing but it's bloody
> > intensive work!"
> >
> > d.
>I wrote this on my Amiga One runing OS4, now with screen dragging
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