[Grief] Re: Grief Digest, Vol 46, Issue 1

C. A. Polk capolk at hotmail.com
Tue Sep 5 09:45:34 PDT 2006

>From: David Bourgoin <david_bourgoin at yahoo.co.uk>
>Why are you always so bitter about PTV. There is no
>point dwelling on things that have past. Time to move
>on. You're starting to sound like a stuck record.

There is also no point in being excited about something simply because it's 
new. Nor is it pointless to "dwell" on something past, if that something has 

>Lots of people still enjoy what Gen does. He may look
>a bit daft these days but he can still put on an enjoyable show.

20, 30 years later - and this is now what we're happy with? "An enjoyable 
show"? And South American TG "tribute" albums?

Lots of people also still enjoy what TG did (and PTV too, for that matter). 
And find most of this stuff rather sad. If you can say your piece, we can 
say ours.

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