[Grief] DEREK JARMAN(feat. music by COIL):S8, 4 december 2006 at Centre Pompidou, Paris.

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CYCLE SUPER8mm at centre Pompidou, Paris, fr
Derek Jarman et Andrew Kötting 
4 december 2006 
19h00 (86 mn) 
fee : 5,5€, 3,5€ (concs)
Presented in person by James Mackay, producter of Derek Jarman's movies.

Derek Jarman first picked up a Super 8mm camera after completing work on Ken Russell's film THE DEVILS. Keen to make his own film (he'd earlier 
completed his first short film on 16mm) in opposition to the industrial nature of film making, he found in S8mm perfect access and control in 
the medium. His Nizo camera, based on a design by Walter Gropius, was human in scale: a moving image paint brush. The other tools of S8mm 
filmmaking, from splicer to projector, were compact enough to be easily stored and transported. When I invited Derek to screen some of his 
films at the London Filmmakers Co-op in 1979, he arrived fully equipped with his own projector and an evening's worth of films in a bag slung 
over his shoulder. These films were different than others of the time. No attempt was made at conventional dramatic action or sync sound. 
Colors and film speeds were played with by utilising color gels and the variable speeds on both camera and projector (Bolex with 3, 6, 9, 12, 
18 fps). The films were always accompanied by a choice of music from commercial compact audio cassettes. Unfortunately, when Derek gave me his 
films he forgot to give me the cassettes so some of the music choices are unknown to me now. But he did change them from time to time and was 
very keen on composed tracks. This program feature a variety of both. The order is mixed rather than chronological – Derek would show these 
films making up the order as he went along – rather like a DJ would select and play records. 
 All notes by James Mackay.

Gérard Courant
1978 /4' / Super 8 / col. / silent.

Derek Jarman
1970 / 6'50 /DVD/ b&w. & col. / sound. by COIL

Derek Jarman
1972 /5' / Beta sp / col. / silent.

Derek Jarman
1971 /10' /DVD/ col. / sound. by COIL

Derek Jarman
1973 /4' /16mm/ col. / sound.

Derek Jarman
1973 /2' / Beta sp / b&w. / silent.

Derek Jarman
1975 /5' /DVD/ b&w. & col. / sound.

Derek Jarman
1972-73 /7' / Beta num. / col. / sound.

Derek Jarman
1983 / 32' / Beta sp / col. / sound.

d'Andrew Kötting
1984 / 10' / Beta sp / b&w. / sound.

STUDIO BANKSIDE comprises two films: a color film of the interior of Derek's warehouse studio on the Thames and a black and white film of the 
area surrounding the studio and images of the Thames itself. It has been copied at its original speed of 18fps and a new soundtrack composed by 
Coil has been added.
MISS GABY is an evocation of the penultimate scene in SUNSET BOULEVARD, Miss Gaby prepares for her close up. True 70s camp by a master and in 
glorious Kodachrome!
JOURNEY TO AVEBURY is a landscape film, again with music by Coil added in the 90s, made using the same "in camera" editing technique. The 
Avebury stone circle is the largest of its kind in the UK, encompassing a whole village. Derek was fascinated by England's magical past. 
STOLEN APPLES FOR KAREN BLIXEN, is a three-minute black and white film which begins with a portrait of Karen Blixen taken from a photograph. 
This is followed by a series of superimpositions featuring two figures crossing a Chinese style bridge in a high wind.
THE ART OF MIRRORS was filmed against the side wall of the Thames-side warehouse that Derek lived in at the time. The music was "found" on the 
radio in the early 80s. The two seem made for each other.
TAROT, or THE MAGICIAN is a collaboration between Derek and Christopher Hobbs. A Tarot reading, a strange magician (Hobbs) and some rather 
beautiful special effects combine in a mystical tale.

– All notes by James Mackay.

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