[Grief] Re: New LJ posting - does anybody care?

David Law dlaw at mva.co.uk
Wed May 24 14:23:31 PDT 2006

Thanks Stephen!

Cool as pooh!!

I asked C&C about the track listings (which I think were all on the
cassettes but missing from the CD's on both TG24 and TG+?)

They said they would post the track listings on the website - but never

So another great resource! - Thanquz aGen!

>>> Stephen Robinson <heiferboy at robinsonworld.freeserve.co.uk>
23/05/2006 21:49 >>>
Well, I'm enjoying this.

Box set track titles anyone?


It's for the TG+ box set, but it may come in handy.

> OK, thank you for the compliments. I'm very flattered and all that, 
but there is loads that can be added if you don't fancy just writing the
same again.
> 3 examples: I haven't got Wreckers of Civilisation with me (in
storage with most of my posessions) so any summary of any details in
there related to individual gigs would be good; I'm managing to describe
some of the samples but I'm not identifying most of them,if you have any
ideas you could add them ; you could add to the reference list. e.g.
there was a minidrama about the Moors Murderers on UK TV the other week,
which caused a bit of a stir or a link to that photo with GPO and Wayne
County or whatever... 
> Cameron
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>   I am currently behind both professionally and personally, so I
haven't had the time to make reviews. I fully intend to catch up, as
there are some nice weekends comming up.
>  One "problem" I see is that Cameron is so terribly good at writing
the reviews, there's not much left to do for the rest of us! I see no
reason for me to comment if I have nothing useful to add.
>  /Adam Klotblixt
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>    Subject: [Grief] New LJ posting - does anybody care?
>    Show #6 has now been posted, and the general info moved into its
>    entry/link.
>    I'm not gonna take it down again like last time, but things have
been mighty 
>    quiet of late. Cameron is pretty much carrying it all on his own
at the 
>    moment (and doing a damn fine job, too.)
>    Is everybody going to just lurk, or will we have more contributors
at some 
>    point?
>    CAP
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I wrote this on an Amiga, yep, they're still going

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