[Grief] New LJ posting - does anybody care?

Cameron Smart & Ana Belen Estella cam.belen at virgin.net
Tue May 23 21:02:35 PDT 2006

OK, thank you for the compliments. I'm very flattered and all that,  but there is loads that can be added if you don't fancy just writing the same again.

 3 examples: I haven't got Wreckers of Civilisation with me (in storage with most of my posessions) so any summary of any details in there related to individual gigs would be good; I'm managing to describe some of the samples but I'm not identifying most of them,if you have any ideas you could add them ; you could add to the reference list. e.g. there was a minidrama about the Moors Murderers on UK TV the other week, which caused a bit of a stir or a link to that photo with GPO and Wayne County or whatever... 

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   I am currently behind both professionally and personally, so I haven't had the time to make reviews. I fully intend to catch up, as there are some nice weekends comming up.

  One "problem" I see is that Cameron is so terribly good at writing the reviews, there's not much left to do for the rest of us! I see no reason for me to comment if I have nothing useful to add.

  /Adam Klotblixt

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    Show #6 has now been posted, and the general info moved into its own 

    I'm not gonna take it down again like last time, but things have been mighty 
    quiet of late. Cameron is pretty much carrying it all on his own at the 
    moment (and doing a damn fine job, too.)

    Is everybody going to just lurk, or will we have more contributors at some 


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