[Grief] Andy~ question for you re: TG 3" cd from Turin Italy...

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Did you really mean to make that an open post?

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Hey Andy~

I hope all is well. I was wondering if you could still please make me a CDR
copy of the 15 min.(2 trax) TG 3" cd from the Italy 2005 gig. I would REALLY
appreciate it a LOT. I remember you said a few weeks back that you would
make me a CDR of it.   

In return I could make you CDR's of TG items too. I JUST got NEW TG I & II,
23 Drifts to Guestling, IRC00 Best of TG...Vol I, IRC01 Best of Tg...Vol II,
Nothing short of....etc, ALL ON CDR'S!!!I also have a copy of the studio
version of 'Discipline' too on the flexidisc by Marc Almond, that I could
copy for you. Please let me know okay? 

As I would LOVE to get that new TG 3" cd. And the ONLY other thing I'm
missing is the BACKWARDS version of 2ND Annual Report(on Fetish). I ONLY
have a copy of it on cassette. If you CAN make me a CDR copy of the 2nd
Annual Report(Backwards vers.) then I would REALLY appreciate that too. Let
me know if you have that as well,l okay?

If you want to trade give me your address. my address is:


111 N. GILBERT RD. # 1038

MESA,  AZ  85203  USA

THX! Take care & I'll talk to you soon. Also I can't believe that C&C took
OFF the Astoria DVD from their upcoming list ofstuff... I HOPE it will still
be released. Do you have a bootleg DVD of THAT!!???     I would REALLY love
to get a copy of THAT!! As well as "The Endless Not", Sleazy(who I'm
interviewing currently) said he WOULD give me a promo cd of "endless Not" IF
HE HAD SOME!!! Can you believe that not even THEY(TG) have copies!!
Anyway, I hope to hear from you soon.



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