[Grief] New LJ posting - does anybody care?

C. A. Polk capolk at hotmail.com
Fri May 19 15:34:55 PDT 2006

These are good points, and I agree - have been crunched for time myself the 
past few weeks. Just sounding the horn again to see if there was indeed 
still interest. I intend on running it through to the end, whenever that may 


>From: Euripydes <euripydes at gmail.com>
>Too true...
>You have to wait for these things to build momentum. I like to listen to a 
>show three or four times before commenting... I'll post something at the 
>weekend, and continue posting, but it has to be at a fairly slow pace. We 
>all have jobs, families, even other interests!
>This has the potential to be a valuable resource, and I don't think we 
>should worry too much about how quickly it happens.

>>One "problem" I see is that Cameron is so terribly good at writing the 
>>reviews, there's not much left to do for the rest of us! I see no reason 
>>for me to comment if I have nothing useful to add.

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