[Grief] Is this the end?

David Bourgoin david_bourgoin at yahoo.co.uk
Thu May 18 12:52:44 PDT 2006

Well the Astoria DVD has already been mastered it was
playing in Berlin... (And very nice it was too).

I notice that TG are selling off their 24track HD
recorder as it's now "surplus to requirements." Is
that because they are no longer recording anything
together or because they've upgraded to something

Dave B

--- David Law <dlaw at mva.co.uk> wrote:

> .anyone notice that on C&C's website - Event Horizon
> page - they have
> removed "mastering TG DVD's  for release in 2007"
> from the listing? (and
> now have no listing for future TG stuf at all!!!)
> As far as I was aware these (all previous and
> unreleased video footage
> to boot!)  were to be released by Mute in a nice Box
> Set edition - so
> like "the Endless Not" maybe we won't even get the
> album now or ever get
> a copy of The Astoria DVD :(
> We aim to disappoint!
> DIL23
> :)
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