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he! he!

Just a bit of Friday moaning! (see below)

So still nothing!


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Dear David,

Sorry but the release date is still not confirmed. As soon as we have any further confirmed news it will be posted over the Mute, TG and Mute Bank sites straight away.


Mute Bank

On Friday, May 5, 2006 14:48, David Law <dlaw at mva.co.uk> wrote:
>very good! but....
>... what about some info on the release date of Throbbing
>Gristle's new CD -" Endless not" ? (delivered to Mute and
>pressed - I believe - for release in December 2005 - we're
>still waiting!)
>The silence is deafening!!!
>>>> Mute <info at mutebank.co.uk> 05/05/2006 14:33 >>>
>Depeche Mode are working with Live Here Now this spring and summer to 
>record and release 50 of their 'Touring The Angel' shows on download 
>and limited edition double CD. The first recording was on 27th April 
>and all the pre-ordering details are below. Please note that the CDs 
>are exclusively available to order through the Live Here Now site and 
>can not be purchased from Mute Bank.
>Just released is the debut album on novamute from MOTOR. Martin Gore 
>selected the MOTOR remix of 'Precious' as his favourite (of all time) 
>Depeche Mode remix and the MOTOR single 'Yak' can be heard as part of 
>the pre-show music before every Depeche Mode concert on their current 
>Also just added to the Mute Bank store are some fantastic limited 
>edition Plastikman solid iron paperweights. There are only 10 
>available so if you want to stop your paperwork blowing away this 
>summer you'll have to move quick!
>We'd like to thank the many hundreds who entered our two Depeche Mode 
>competitions. The lucky winners' names appear below.
>Mute Bank
>Depeche Mode - Recording The Angel
>Depeche Mode are proud to announce an exciting new collaboration with 
>Live Here Now that will see 50 dates on their current world tour 
>recorded and released as limited edition CDs and digital
>Recording began at the Shoreline Amphitheater in California, where 
>the band headlined on Thursday 27th April. After numerous dates 
>across the United States, Depeche Mode return to Europe for a series 
>of stadium shows and festival appearances throughout the summer. Each 
>concert will be recorded and mixed, to create a unique high-quality 
>souvenir that truly captures the energy and atmosphere of the 
>legendary Depeche Mode live experience. The two-disc set is available 
>for a limited time and is packaged with deluxe artwork featuring new 
>and exclusive photographs by Anton Corbijn.
>Depeche Mode are one of the most influential and ground breaking 
>bands of the last 25 years. During the â€*Touring The Angel† 2005/6 
>World Tour they will play to more than two and a half million people 
>across 31 countries. Their new album â€*Playing the Angelâ€*, 
>released in October last year, reached Number 1 in 16 countries and 
>has sold two million copies worldwide.
>The US live CDs and downloads are currently available to pre-order 
>from a dedicated web site - http://www.depechemodelive.com. European 
>shows will be on sale soon.
>Plastikman - Limited Edition Paperweight
>ZMB167 £30.00
>** Only 10 available **
>Novamute have produced a mega-limited quantity of solid iron 
>Plastikman paperweights weighing a hefty 720g and measuring 33mm 
>square and 63mm tall. Featuring an embossed Plastikman logo stamped 
>into a polished top and a felted non-scratch base the paperweights 
>are a feat of high precision engineering.
>Motor - 'Klunk'
>Released 24th April
>NOMU170LP £10.99
>NOMU170CD £10.99
>Motor - 'Black Power / Punkture'
>Released 10th April
>12NOMU168 £3.49
>At the turn of the year we find the MOTOR duo of Mr. Nô and Bryan 
>Black both firmly in the driving seat of their metallic, rust-coated 
>rocket car. Not content with laying waste to clubland last year with 
>the monstrous â€*Stuka Stuntâ€* and â€*Sweatboxâ€* singles they are 
>now set to release their debut album, 'Klunk', this spring. Preceded 
>by the single and album opener â€*Black Powderâ€*, MOTOR are bracing 
>themselves for a head on crash into the spot light this year with 
>extensive worldwide tours, a revved-up three piece live show and the 
>dancefloor muscle to deliver where it hurts.
>The duo have remixed the likes of Marilyn Manson, Throbbing Gristle 
>and most recently, Depeche Mode as well as remixing the theme song 
>for the final Godzilla film, Final Wars, in a collaboration with 
>Felix Da Housecat. The MOTOR duo are also known for their work under 
>the alias XLOVER whose album, Pleasure & Romance, was released on DJ 
>Hellâ€*s Gigolo Records last year and their multiple collaborations 
>with Felix Da Housecat include co-writing tracks off his last LP 
>Devin Dazzle & The Neon Fever as well as producing tracks for 
>Princess Superstar and Japanese rock god Atsushi Sakurai. 
>After releasing a string of raw, bold and innovative singles 
>including the massive â€*Sweatboxâ€*, MOTOR now unleash their debut 
>album, 'Klunk'. Packed with dark menacing grooves, corrosive 
>industrial drumming and the pioneering spirit of acid house, Klunk 
>locks into a swirl of techno-strobed hedonism and doesnâ€*t let go. 
>Opening with the building synth hurricane of single â€*Black 
>Powderâ€*, MOTOR steer us into their murky bassline strewn world of 
>sinister rhythms and menacing grooves. Next up the drug-fuelled 
>psychosis of 'Yak' enquires if â€*Youâ€*ve got any gak?â€* whilst the 
>band's second single release 'Stuka Stunt' swirls and stoops like a 
>demented dive bomber on acid. â€*Killerâ€*, featuring Candy Boxx, 
>jacks its way through the MOTOR city landscape, â€*Botoxâ€* rides 
>roughshod on the back of twisted bass and 'MDXT-A' is stripped to the 
>bone MOTOR punk. Next up the dynamic duo hook up with legendary 
>Nitzer Ebb vocalist, Douglas McCarthy for the demonic, industrial 
>spiked groove of â€*1 X 1â€* before the now ubiquitous â€*Sweatboxâ€* 
>delivers the band's infamous death blow. â€*King Of USAâ€* drags the 
>star-spangled banner through clublandâ€*s dark underbelly, 
>â€*Spazmâ€* twitches and buzzes like an electric saw out of control 
>and the hard to find first single â€*Din 13â€* crash lands back to 
>earth in leathered-up jack boots. Finally, â€*En Transâ€* drives us 
>home with the sun beginning creep across our blacked out shades - 
>drained and emotional but with the MOTOR still growling for
>Competition Winners
>Congratulations to all the winners of recent Depeche Mode 
>'Suffer Well' Winner
>* BONG37 number 00004
>Magicabula Di Berrettini from Italy
>'Remasters' 1st Prize
>* Speak And Spell 'Their First Album On Mute Records' (Original 
>* Music For The Masses - STUMM47 (Set of proofs with correction 
>* Violator - STUMM64 (Proof of unused inner sleeve design)
>* Violator - STUMM64 (Proof featuring grey & blue sleeve - unfinished 
>print process)
>Per Björk from Sweden
>'Remasters' 3 x 2nd Prizes
>* Enjoy The Silence - 12BONG18/L12BONG18/XL12BONG18 (Complete set of 
>* Enjoy The Silence - BONG18 (Running sheet)
>Henrik Marfelt from Denmark
>Wilkens Tom from France
>David Barrott from Leeds
>'Remasters' 3rd Prize
>* Enjoy The Silence - L12BONG18/XL12BONG18 (Proofs)
>* Enjoy The Silence - BONG18 (Running sheet)
>Jeff Lewis from Maidstone
>'Remasters' 4th Prize
>* Little 15 - 12LITTLE15 (Proofs)
>* Little 15 - LITTLE15 (Running sheet)
>Aidan Mc Aleavey from Northern Ireland
>'Remasters' 5th Prize
>* Speak And Spell - DMCD1 (Running sheet)
>* Music For The Masses - DMCD6 (Running sheet)
>* Violator - DMCD7 (Running sheet)
>Benazzato Finizio from Italy
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