[Grief] Beginning and the End (continued)

David Law dlaw at mva.co.uk
Wed May 3 16:36:15 PDT 2006


Mr Completist here!

I think it's still a fun project - and innarestin to hear what they
actually played at the begginings ends of shows - but hey if you're not
innarested just don't bother!!!. 

But I only have Rat Club (copy of tape) and Beyond Jazz Funk (Rough
Trade - Live in Heaven?) - the Rat Club beggining with White Christmas
and being destroyed would be worth it in it's own right!!!

Andy what do you want MP3's, WAV's ???  I'll trawl through my old
cassete box and get started! (might have some other stuf I've long
forgotten about!)


>>> andy at flesheatingants.com 03/05/2006 14:58:24 >>>
Well I have no idea how much was cut from the shows, and how many were 

indeed cut.  TG played 37 shows back in the day, so if say 21 had and 

extra 2 mins at the start and two mins at the end then that would be  
over a disc's worth.

It'd be a tough project for one person to do, but there's lots of  
people on list who may be have one or two tapes - they could check  
their copies and we can start scoring things off the list and see how 

many are left over.

It's all down to whether there's an interest in the project and if  
people with the tapes are willing, and able, to get on board.  It's  
just a suggestion.


Quoting "C. A. Polk" <capolk at hotmail.com>:

>> From: andy at flesheatingants.com 
>> Well  here's what I propose (provided we can get access to the   
>> source  material and everyone that is concerned is OK with it) is  

>> the  production of a 3CD set that is supplementary to the TG24 and  

>> TG+  sections:
>> disc 1: the intros and outros cut from all the cassette releases   

>> (could be enough for 2 discs I suppose)
> There is no way it could possibly be that much. And call me a
> spoilsport, but I think this is getting a little overboard in the
> completist area. (And I say that being a pretty anal completist,
> myself...) The interviews would be nice to have, though.
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