[Grief] Beginning and the End (continued)

ellis britzius zontar_98115 at yahoo.com
Tue May 2 21:08:16 PDT 2006


Maybe I've gone off the deep end here but what
exactly is it that
some people want with my 24 hours (K7) TG set? 
The beginning and the end of each of each of the
tapes? Do I have to listen carefully to the CD
set to see where exactly it cuts off? I guess
 I would sort of like to do this, being the TG
guy I am. But I'll have to admit I dont know how
to send the music over the internet.
I could record these bits (over time) to a CD-R,
put it in my computer (APPLE G-5) and then what?
I guess I'd have to either read the manuals a lot
more, go to the help menus and get frustrated, or
somebody could tell me how to do it. Is Jon
Whitney in charge of this group? I see a few
names frequently, some not so often. I have
avoided spendlng  a lot of time getting involved,
simply because I don't have a lot. But If I could
really make a (tiny) difference to the TG site or
whatever, maybe it would be worth a little extra


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