[Grief] More delays

C. A. Polk capolk at hotmail.com
Wed Mar 15 08:28:20 PST 2006

Oh, it's appalling and a joke, all right.

I'm starting to feel like I'm doing that old trick where you show somebody 
the ball of kleenex in your hand, switch hands, toss it back over your 
shoulder, and they still think it's in front of them in your other hand.

There are, indeed, several ways....

And I fixed the one line I forgot to change.

>From: miike <kitano61 at yahoo.com>
>now that appeals to me!
>let the truly appaling in-jokes commence (after all, i actually AM middle 
>aged men now!  and, all >your friends do, it...etc

>Yeah - you might as well choose to play the game - after all you've seen
>delays before what difference does it make if they delay it some more - 
>what difference
>does it make if someone else slows it down too? All the companies do it - I
>mean nobody will know it's them - anybody, it could be anybody - I mean,
>these CDs, you know - they're only bought by middle aged men -
>so why don't you do as they suggest - they persuade you - with meaningless,
>contradictory slavish fan baiting -  they persuade you...

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