[Grief] More delays

C. A. Polk capolk at hotmail.com
Tue Mar 14 21:53:20 PST 2006

>From: miike <kitano61 at yahoo.com>
>so, even when the lp *does* eventually come out, we could be looking at  
>another 3-4 month >ait before the powers that be deign to allow it out  of 
>their clutches...  presumably in case it >amages sales of the  new george 
>michael or somesuch pish!

Yeah - you might as well choose to play the game - after all you've seen 
delays before
what difference does it make if they delay it some more - what difference 
does it make if someone else slows it down too? All the companies do it - I 
mean nobody will know it's them - anybody, it could be any body - I mean, 
these CDs, you know - they're only bought by middle aged men -
so why don't you do as I suggest - they persuade you - with meaningless, 
contradictory slavish fan baiting -  they persuade you...

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