[Grief] More delays

David Bourgoin david_bourgoin at yahoo.co.uk
Tue Mar 14 19:26:15 PST 2006

I sent the post below this yesterday but it didn't
seem to get through..... Gen's link on the TG web site
has been put back but with a typo so you still don't
end up at his site... any conspiracy theorists out


Release date is now unspecified and Chris Carter has
put a line through the news bit on his page about
forthcoming TG events this year?!?!?!?

Gen's picture on the TG page no longer has a working
link (in fact it no longer has a link at all). The
other three links still exist!

Any one want to try and guess what is going on. Has Mr
P-Orridges ego increased again and they've split? Has
Mute decided not to release the album? Who knows, I
wish I did.

Dave B

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