[Grief] Re: TG footage located

Stephen Robinson heiferboy at robinsonworld.freeserve.co.uk
Thu Jun 29 22:46:48 PDT 2006

Hello David

On 29/06/2006, you wrote:

> You're talking over 25 years ago now so things are somewhat hazy! Gen
> had what appeared to be blood on the back of his hand and wiped it
> across his forehead. I don't recall anything like that with Sleazy.
> Don't remember my girl being too impressed with the castration scene in
> 'After Cease to Exist' ! :)

Could have been worse, she could have liked it!
Well, I say worse, depends what yanks your chain I suppose. Oh well, back to


I wrote this on my Amiga One runing OS4, now with screen dragging

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