[Grief] TG footage located

David dbm at randomexec.org.uk
Thu Jun 29 21:28:38 PDT 2006

You're talking over 25 years ago now so things are somewhat hazy! Gen had
what appeared to be blood on the back of his hand and wiped it across his
forehead. I don't recall anything like that with Sleazy. Don't remember my
girl being too impressed with the castration scene in 'After Cease to Exist'
! :)

Met Sleazy and Cosey before the gig and still have the signed concert flyer.

I remember talking to some girl who was incredibly drunk before TG came on.
Part way through she walked towards the stage and collapsed or was carried
of... not too sure now.

Mesmerising is the word that keeps coming to mind to describe the event....

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