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Yeah that would be good! 

 I'd heard a story that Sleazy showed the audience how to slash their
wrists without actually dieing!!! So the floor was covered in the
audiences blood! (I think that's what the cover of the Rafters album has
on it (blurred bloody fist - pic here!!
http://www.brainwashed.com/tg/bootlegs.html ) would be innarestin to
know if it was true!!!


>>> harmaline23 at hotmail.com 28/06/2006 22:45 >>>
You were at the Rafters gig? I'm sure we'd all be interested in hearing
memories of the gig, if you managed to talk to the band before or after
gig and the reaction of the crowd, etc.
Unfortunatley I'm too young to have attended a TG gig but would love to
first hand accounts of people who did

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>Some of these made limited circulation about 8 years ago. I acquired:
>Live in Rafters (63min) - This one is special as I was at the concert!
>Live in Sheffield (46min)
>Live in Northampton (50min)
>Live ? (10min)
>Live in Franfurt (45min)
>Live in Heaven (60min)
>Coum Transmissions - After Cease to Exist. (This film was shown before
>TG Rafters gig, along with some Burroughs cut-ups).
>Chris & Cosey - Dallas, Texas 18 August 1987.

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