[Grief] TG footage located

David Bourgoin david_bourgoin at yahoo.co.uk
Wed Jun 28 13:54:05 PDT 2006

Well like I say I have four of them on two DVDs but
the quality soundwise is crap. I think someone on this
list synced the audio from the 24 hours box set CDs to
them and got a decent copy that way but I haven't the
skills or editing equipment to do such a thing and my
copies are full of crackles that make it sound pretty

Whilst I'm not prepared to do hundreds of copies I
could particpate in a sharing scheme and do a couple
of copies if someone that gets a copy then carries on
the copying. I assume as these have never been out
officially this wouldn't be too much of a copyright
problem. Equally if someone has DVDs with decent
quality audio and wants to start a sharing network
going or even upload them to somewhere like Dime A
Dozen I'd happily particpate in that scheme.

Dave B

--- andy at flesheatingants.com wrote:

> I'm certainly not endorsing anything, but these were
> all being sold on  
> a certain well known auction site as a 7 DVD set
> recently - so likely  
> already are on DVD.  I don't have copies, and would
> love to get my  
> hands on them, does anyone else on the list have
> this 7DVD set out of  
> interest?
> -Andy
> Quoting David <dbm at randomexec.org.uk>:
> > Some of these made limited circulation about 8
> years ago. I acquired:
> >
> > TG
> > Live in Rafters (63min) - This one is special as I
> was at the concert!  :-))
> > Live in Sheffield (46min)
> > Live in Northampton (50min)
> > Live ? (10min)
> > Live in Franfurt (45min)
> > Live in Heaven (60min)
> >
> > +
> > Coum Transmissions - After Cease to Exist. (This
> film was shown before the
> > TG Rafters gig, along with some Burroughs
> cut-ups).
> > +
> > Chris & Cosey - Dallas, Texas 18 August 1987.
> >
> >
> > David
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