[Grief] TG footage located

Adam Klotblixt adam.klotblixt at tanner.se
Tue Jun 27 18:20:16 PDT 2006

I have been known to rip the odd VHS, noise-reduce and master DVDs...
If I could get my hands on any/all of the listed items I would gladly 
transfer them to DVDs.

/Adam Klotblixt

david brookes wrote:
> I have just been in contact with a guy who was involved with the TOPY 
> in the 1980's
> Genesis gave TOPY lots of rare footage which this guy about to send 
> me, this is what he has
> The Mask Of Sarnath (20 minute Horror film with soundtrack bt TG)
> After Cease To Exist (Coum film)
> Complete 'Heaven' 1980 concert (NOT the Derek Jarman film but the 
> actual concert itself, contains footage of TG packing away their gear 
> before the DJ at the venue begins)
> Northampton Guildhall 1979 (Concert)
> Rafters 1980 (includes 4 minutes of Genesis at home preparing for the 
> gig)
> Sheffield 1980 (Concert)
> Goldsmiths College 1980 (Concert)
> Frankfurt 1980 (Concert)
> Also various footage including Geneisis playing with his dogs in a park
> I have most of the footage already but the Heaven concert is one that 
> I haven't seen yet, the quality should be great as all the footage is 
> from the masters.
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