[Grief] TG footage located

david brookes harmaline23 at hotmail.com
Tue Jun 27 13:44:20 PDT 2006

I have just been in contact with a guy who was involved with the TOPY in the 
Genesis gave TOPY lots of rare footage which this guy about to send me, this 
is what he has

The Mask Of Sarnath (20 minute Horror film with soundtrack bt TG)
After Cease To Exist (Coum film)
Complete 'Heaven' 1980 concert (NOT the Derek Jarman film but the actual 
concert itself, contains footage of TG packing away their gear before the DJ 
at the venue begins)
Northampton Guildhall 1979 (Concert)
Rafters 1980 (includes 4 minutes of Genesis at home preparing for the gig)
Sheffield 1980 (Concert)
Goldsmiths College 1980 (Concert)
Frankfurt 1980 (Concert)
Also various footage including Geneisis playing with his dogs in a park

I have most of the footage already but the Heaven concert is one that I 
haven't seen yet, the quality should be great as all the footage is from the 

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