[Grief] Ice skate

Ben Waddington falsedog at yahoo.com
Tue Jun 13 23:28:07 PDT 2006

 > At last! someone speaks some sense. All this
> speculation is completely 
> pointless and boring, have you all got nothing
> better to do.
> I can see why Chris gets so pissed off by people
> emailing him about the 
> current state of play regarding TG.

Thanks! It's strange, but the same thing happens over
on the Westlife list: who's slagged who , who's out of
the band, who's in Buck's Fizz this week... &c &c &c

I forgot to mention in my post that Chris is now doing
something with the TG DVDs ...remember when the
"voices"  bemoaned the fact it had been removed from
the schedule, how dare they, GPO to blame, now we'll
have to wait til NEXT Christmas &c&c&c&c. They must
now promise to shut up forever about the scheduling of
ANYTHING to do with TG. Or at least to promise to
arrange a bike ride with a friend, start a book club
at work,  learn to ice skate...

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