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InnerSanctum XVIII the.adversary at HotPOP.com
Sat Jun 10 23:51:04 PDT 2006

But Grant, discussing T.G. without Gen is like discussing Beatles without Lennon, Sex Pistols without Lydon or Joy Division without Ian Curtis. I'm pretty sure Carter and Sleazy could team up and do wonders together. Fact still remains... "The Three" wouldn't be without P-Orridge. You know it, Grant.

Grant Regnaert <tripreset at hotmail.com> wrote:

Yes! I agree with you guys too. "The 3 of us" does make a very bold statement. And while it is true, TG would not be what it is today without Gen; IMO, I personally have always felt that "the three of us/them", (without Gen) could of still made TG into something special... very different of course, but still noteworthy. Just me 2 pence.
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