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I love the emphasis of "the three of us" in regards to

Dave B

--- cblanger <cblanger at club-internet.fr> wrote:

> Last Chris Carter update :
> "June 2006:
> Slow but productive... this would describe the
> current progress of our new
> (still untitled) Carter Tutti album. We were hoping
> to have it finished by
> September and in time for our upcoming performances,
> but this looks to be
> increasingly unlikely, in fact it would be a
> miracle!
> And the reason? Well I put the blame squarely on TG
> shenanigans. This time
> last year we delayed starting the (long overdue)
> Carter Tutti album so
> myself, Cosey and Sleazy could complete the new TG
> 'Part Two' album. Which
> turned out to be an intense project and which the
> three of us put a lot of
> time and effort into. We were under pressure to
> deliver final production
> parts in time for a Decemeber 2005 release (in
> Berlin). And even when the
> three of us (and Mute) thought the album was
> finished, I had to spend
> another month rerecording parts and remastering the
> whole bloody thing a
> second time ('Part Two' couldn't be a more apt
> title!). And then to cap it
> all it didn't get released in 2005! In fact I doubt
> it will even get
> released in 2006, how ridiculous is that? So this
> whole sorry TG affair has
> whacked us with a double whammy... no new TG album
> and no new Carter Tutti
> album. That I might be feeling a little frustrated
> right now is an
> understatement!
> And another thing...
> I'm sick of wankers and nere-do-well's emailing me
> about the TG 24-track
> recorder. I've had time-wasters (many), fans using
> it as an excuse to find
> out where we live, cheapskates making laughable
> offers and lately Nigerian
> ("I'll pay you twice the asking price") scammers. To
> all of you: if you
> going to waste my time just FUCK OFF... because I
> won't be replying. If this
> carries on I'm going to donate it to a charity,
> seriously I am."
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