[Grief] Re: Grief Digest, Vol 43, Issue 1 Last Chris Carter update

cblanger cblanger at club-internet.fr
Sat Jun 10 15:44:25 PDT 2006

Last Chris Carter update :
"June 2006:
Slow but productive... this would describe the current progress of our new
(still untitled) Carter Tutti album. We were hoping to have it finished by
September and in time for our upcoming performances, but this looks to be
increasingly unlikely, in fact it would be a miracle!
And the reason? Well I put the blame squarely on TG shenanigans. This time
last year we delayed starting the (long overdue) Carter Tutti album so
myself, Cosey and Sleazy could complete the new TG 'Part Two' album. Which
turned out to be an intense project and which the three of us put a lot of
time and effort into. We were under pressure to deliver final production
parts in time for a Decemeber 2005 release (in Berlin). And even when the
three of us (and Mute) thought the album was finished, I had to spend
another month rerecording parts and remastering the whole bloody thing a
second time ('Part Two' couldn't be a more apt title!). And then to cap it
all it didn't get released in 2005! In fact I doubt it will even get
released in 2006, how ridiculous is that? So this whole sorry TG affair has
whacked us with a double whammy... no new TG album and no new Carter Tutti
album. That I might be feeling a little frustrated right now is an
And another thing...
I'm sick of wankers and nere-do-well's emailing me about the TG 24-track
recorder. I've had time-wasters (many), fans using it as an excuse to find
out where we live, cheapskates making laughable offers and lately Nigerian
("I'll pay you twice the asking price") scammers. To all of you: if you
going to waste my time just FUCK OFF... because I won't be replying. If this
carries on I'm going to donate it to a charity, seriously I am."

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