Antw: RE: [Grief] Sometimes I feel like a total ejiot.

Jasper Dionisio strangers at
Sun Jul 30 19:58:40 PDT 2006

what are neds??

On 7/30/06, Stephen Robinson <heiferboy at> wrote:
> Well, of course it is, it's dimbo here didn't get it!
> And all these years after going to Staff night out, and thinking just once I
> could go somewhere they would play something like AB/7A, and all this time
> it was a tribute to the people who made Dancing Queen, which I suppose
> probably was the best track they piped into us...
> But I digress, how's that 24 Hours thing going? I've slapped a load of said
> live MP3s onto CD so I can listen to them in my new car, so I am Listening
> to them, but I find it hard to remember which is which, and forget all my
> burning insights into them.
> Of course what with me being new to Driving, it's probably not the best
> music to have blaring out, what with me weaving all over the Queens
> Highway, scaring myself at loud bit, looking out for the old fashioned
> police car when I hear the sirens, ignoring the screams of pain from the
> accident I've just caused behind me, etc etc. ah, what the heck, beats 50
> Cent, or whatever it the neds listen to these days.
> Sorry, I'm rambling
> > Yes, yes was I always thought that it was a reference to ABBA as well.
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> I wrote this on my Amiga One runing OS4, now with screen dragging
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