Antw: RE: [Grief] Sometimes I feel like a total ejiot.

Stephen Robinson heiferboy at
Sun Jul 30 21:50:03 PDT 2006

Well, of course it is, it's dimbo here didn't get it!

And all these years after going to Staff night out, and thinking just once I
could go somewhere they would play something like AB/7A, and all this time
it was a tribute to the people who made Dancing Queen, which I suppose
probably was the best track they piped into us...

But I digress, how's that 24 Hours thing going? I've slapped a load of said
live MP3s onto CD so I can listen to them in my new car, so I am Listening
to them, but I find it hard to remember which is which, and forget all my
burning insights into them.

Of course what with me being new to Driving, it's probably not the best
music to have blaring out, what with me weaving all over the Queens
Highway, scaring myself at loud bit, looking out for the old fashioned
police car when I hear the sirens, ignoring the screams of pain from the
accident I've just caused behind me, etc etc. ah, what the heck, beats 50
Cent, or whatever it the neds listen to these days.

Sorry, I'm rambling

> Yes, yes was I always thought that it was a reference to ABBA as well. 
> _______________________________________________

I wrote this on my Amiga One runing OS4, now with screen dragging

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