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Thu Jan 26 17:11:40 PST 2006

well, call me an old traditionalist, but i'm still searching for the secret message encoded in this.
  force of habit.

"C. A. Polk" <capolk at hotmail.com> wrote:
  Or to be able type/speak coherently...

>From: David Bourgoin 
>Well I guess it helps not to believe everything you

>--- ben duax wrote:
> > a while ago someone sent out a chain letter saying
> > "its batgirl week draw
> > your own version of batgirl" and it wasnt like they
> > were enescearyl y
> > colecting them all but if poepels freinds did it
> > sometimes they'd post links
> > of thier favourite ones on thier blog or as chian
> > letters or whatever.
> > well.
> > i rea di nt "the nation: th" that as part of turtore
> > of iraqis insurgents
> > (torture torture torture) our boys play "bnorn in
> > the usa" on infinate loop
> > for like six days wile they peel otu your finger
> > nails orw hatever. i read
> > (Aoosl o int eh nation) that burdoce spreingsetone
> > hasnt mady any comment on
> > this. i think people should record a bunch of kind
> > of hostile or dismissil
> > covers of born in the usa and distrubute them online
> > , either as a protest
> > or a "right on torture is rad" .. i ugess it could
> > be taken either way
> > depending on how you did it.
> > this will eb reposted to several noise lists. please
> > spread it and edit it
> > anyway you see fit.
> > -benjamin allen duax 3

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