[Grief] meme art work

ben duax x_7677 at hotmail.com
Thu Jan 26 10:42:55 PST 2006

a while ago someone sent out a chain letter saying "its batgirl week draw 
your own version of batgirl" and it wasnt like they were enescearyl y 
colecting them all but if poepels freinds did it sometimes they'd post links 
of thier favourite ones on thier blog or as chian letters or whatever.
i rea di nt "the nation: th" that as part of turtore of iraqis insurgents 
(torture torture torture) our boys play "bnorn in the usa" on infinate loop 
for like six days wile they peel otu your finger nails orw hatever. i read 
(Aoosl o int eh nation) that burdoce spreingsetone hasnt mady any comment on 
this. i think  people should record a bunch of kind of hostile or dismissil 
covers of born in the usa and distrubute them online , either as a protest 
or a "right on torture is rad" ..  i ugess it could be taken either way 
depending on how you did it.
this will eb reposted to several noise lists. please spread it and edit it  
anyway  you see fit.
-benjamin allen duax 3

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