[Grief] Re: Grief Digest, Vol 38, Issue 6 TG LIVE 31-12-2005

magmahawk at planet.nl magmahawk at planet.nl
Tue Jan 17 13:17:39 PST 2006

At 13:04 17-1-2006, you wrote:
>For anyone interested I've been spending the day in Hackney doing research 
>for my MA dissertation.  I stopped by 50 Beck Road and 10 Martello Street, 
>both the old house and the Death Factory are still standing and it doesn't 
>look like they've changed in the past 30 years - save looking even grimmer 
>now.  Really is a bleak area, I'm amazed it's not suffered mass 
>gentrification, it's so central but still so many old abandonned buildings 
>and warehouses etc.  Really gives the music an added depth after visiting, 
>I've taken a load of pictures I'll see about putting them up somewhere if 
>people are interested.

i'm interested to see it.

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