[Grief] Re: Grief Digest, Vol 38, Issue 3

cblanger cblanger at club-internet.fr
Wed Jan 4 21:09:57 PST 2006

No "part two" available ?

> I didn't go to the gig on the 31st but I went to the film soundtrack on
> next night.
> Lovely venue great sound. They put on a good performance and complimented
> the film well but it could have been better it wasn't a hundred percent
> on in my humble opinion. Maybe the lack of movement by them and a relience
> on the film as the only visual element made it more difficult. I enjoyed
> but it wasn't the event that the gig/recording session at the Astoria was.
> The exhibition is well worth going to see. The artifacts are interesting
> look at and to finally see the Astoria gig on DVD (Hopefully it will be
> available to buy one of these days) was well worth the trip.
> Hopefully lots more TG gigs/events to come
> Dave B

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